What is the best morning routine to improve productivity and focus & how do you make it habitual?


获得33.7k好评的回答@ Lukas Schwekendiek:

What helped me the most were 3 simple steps:

1.Get up at a very early time - Something between 5 and 6 in the morning or earlier.

2.Take a shower before doing anything else - Once you take a shower you cannot go back to bed easily and it will seem like you started the day already.

3.Do some work right away - Don’t grab breakfast yet, don’t read the newspaper and don’t check your emails. First, do some work for an hour, then you may continue with your morning routine.

Doing these things sets the tone for the rest of the day as one of urgency, productivity and discipline.

The biggest thing you must out for is step #2.

Do anything you can to make this an absolute must in your life. Talk to friends about it, tell them you will send them a message once you have done it, or, even better, tell them you will pay for dinner every time you do not do it.?

Sooner or later your wallet will also motivate you to make this a must. Try this for yourself and adjust it as you see fit, but it will definitely improve your productivity and focus if you can make this simple routine a habit!


获得1.9k好评的回答@ Simon Zeng:

Clearly, the best way to make anything habitual is to start with baby steps and to test out what works for you.

? This means that if you're trying to wake up earlier, wake up earlier by 10 minutes every day until you reach your desired wake up time. Shocking your body and suddenly waking up 3 hours earlier is going to just about drain you for the next few days and mess up your sleep schedule. So get proper sleep and increment your way up there.
? 意思是如果你正努力起得更早,每天比前一天提前10分钟起床直到你达到期望的起床时间。给身体太大冲击,突然提前3个小时起床只会在随后的几天使你筋疲力尽并打乱睡眠规律,所以既要睡足又要循序渐进。

? Another thing is to do something you like every morning. Reward yourself for waking up. So drink a fresh smoothie, go for a nice walk, take some time to meditate, etc.
? 第二点就是每天早上做喜欢的事作为早起的奖励,喝一杯新鲜的水果奶昔、漫步或花点时间冥想等。

? Personally for me, going to the gym and then taking a cold shower jumpstarts me. Never take a hot shower, it'll make you waste time because you won't want to come out and it'll make you sleepier.
? 就我个人而言,去健身房然后洗个冷水澡非常适合我。绝对不要洗热水澡,会浪费时间,因为你洗上就不愿意出来,还会使你更困。

? Treating your body well will make you wake up feeling refreshed rather than groggy and tired. Eat properly, exercise properly and sleep properly.
? 养好身体会使你醒来时神清气爽,而不是头昏脑涨还很疲惫。要适量饮食、适量锻炼、还要睡眠充足。

? Another thing I like to do is leave my house/dorm immediately. The further away I get, the better. Find a quiet place away from home where you can get some work done.
? 我喜欢做的另外一件事是立刻离开房子或宿舍,走得越远越好,找一个远离家的安静地方做点工作。

The key and struggle is primarily maintaining the proper routine. Stay consistent with your routine (do it everyday with no exceptions) and it'll stick.